Product Designer

Sketches - Designs and Process Flows

MyTickets Mobile is a digital ticketing product that provides mobile access and management capabilities for Major League Baseball customers. Once the product definition, research and requirements were established my responsibilities were to design the use case flows that would satisfy both transferring and accepting tickets through the application. The challenges faced during the design phase included how the structure would be created for the product, the navigation flow for selecting events/seats associated to an account, picking friends and family for transferring tickets, and finally how to retrieve a credit card from a customer’s account when a fee is required for delivering tickets.

After several iterations, this final sketch helped produce a set of flows that worked for the product. Once the designs were completed, I added two of our baseball personas for providing context when transferring tickets inside of MyTicket Mobile.

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MyTickets now incorporates a new feature called Payment Plans which allows account holders the ability to schedule monthly installments for season tickets. Customers no longer have to pay off all events in one purchase during checkout. The main challenge during the design phase was to deliver a component that would provide customers the tools to create monthly payments, set the dollar amount value for each installment, and the capability to select one or more credit cards on file to pay for each payment amount due. Rather than create a new design from scratch, I reviewed the existing pattern libraries already used for our MyTickets product and quickly came up with a solution that best worked after a couple of iterations and A/B testing results.

View the gallery Download the Design is an event ticketing website that helps music and sports fans search for live entertainment tickets from baseball to music concerts. During the design process my role was involved with sketching low-fidelity process flows and helping to determine the mobile web experience for our customers. The sketch example to the left illustrates the off-canvas menu navigation and filtering capabilities for exploring events via a set geo location.

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BirthdayGram is a native iphone application that combines your birthday calendar, birthday cards and birthday gifts into one service. The product allows customers to send digital birthday cards directly from their iphone to friends and family on file. I was given the task to show through a series of sketches how a customer could add a frame to any photo for creating a digital greeting card. In my presentation you can see the interactions and layout structure that BirthdayGram customers may go through when selecting a frame for their birthday digital cards.

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