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MyTickets Mobile is a digital ticketing product designed to provide mobile access and management capabilties for Major League Baseball fans. The product is the first time both single game purchasers and season baseball customers can retrieve their tickets through a mobile native application. Features produced for MyTickets Mobile include viewing standard ticketing information such as game date, opponent, time, section, row, seat as well as the ability to transfer game tickets over to friends and family members. All MyTickets Mobile account holders have the opportunity to bring up their digital barcodes via a mobile phone and present the tickets at the venue for entry.

View the product is an event ticketing website that helps music and sports fans search for live entertainment tickets from baseball to music concerts. With the help of the new product management team at, a new refresh design and experience for the web site was a top priority for the company. I was called to work with the art director and product manager to develop several prototypes that laid out the structured pages and helped in testing users through various process flows.

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Our product design team was given the task to redesign the online purchase flow for Major League Baseball’s checkout ticketing service. The main objective in the refresh of the shopping cart flow was to reduce the number of steps and pages a customer would have to go through in order to complete a ticket(s) sale.

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MyTickets is the premiere ticketing management product for seasoned baseball fans who want the ability to manage all aspects of season tickets. For MyTickets subscribed account holders you can renew your season tickets, update personal account information, transfer game tickets to friends/family, receive targeted promotions straight to your account, resell tickets over the web and create split payment plans for season tickets as well.

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MyTickets management ticketing service has released a new feature called Ticket Exchange which allows specific MyTickets account holders the ability to exchange game day tickets for a future event. In the scenario where a customer can no longer attend a baseball game due to unfortunate circumstances, Ticket Exchange has been created to give greater flexibility in controlling tickets and for allowing exchanges to be made if seating is available for an upcoming game.

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Major League Baseball’s MyTickets managing service now has a new feature which allows account holders the ability to scheduled an installment of payment plans for the baseball season. Members who enroll into the payment plans also have the opportunity to use more than one credit card to split payments each month as well as perform a payment plan for the following season ahead of non-MyTickets customers.

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Our product design team at was tasked a project to create a brand new secondary ticket purchasing web site specifically for the New York Yankees. The objective for designing the web site was to create a secondary online ticketing store where subscribed Yankee fans can search, buy and sell season tickets through a private network.

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