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MyTickets Mobile used outside in the city MyTickets Mobile used at home Two displays of MyTickets Mobile

MyTickets Mobile Case Study - Project Overview

MyTickets Mobile is a digital ticketing product designed to provide mobile access and management capabilties for Major League Baseball fans. The product is the first time both single game purchasers and season baseball customers can retrieve their tickets through a mobile native application. Features produced for MyTickets Mobile include viewing standard ticketing information such as game date, opponent, time, section, row, seat as well as the ability to transfer game tickets over to friends and family members. All MyTickets Mobile account holders have the opportunity to bring up their digital barcodes via a mobile phone and present the tickets at the venue for entry.

Workshop and Information Gathering

In the beginning of planning and defining stages of how, why or what MyTickets Mobile would become as a product our team members first had to be identified for the project. Bringing our stakeholders, selected designers, business analysists and developers into the workshop sessions was important so all individuals understood their responsibilities throughout the design process. Below is a series of exercises that our team went through before moving into researching our customers.

Business Objectives

Paperless digital ticketing is a huge deal in the sports and entertainment industry. What's more important is having the ability to retrieve tickets from a mobile device at any time. The business goals for developing our new MyTickets Mobile product was simple at first:

  • Create a product that can easily allow customers to bring up their tickets associate to their account
  • Have the ticket barcodes render on the mobile screen for scanning into a venue
  • Allow customers the ability to view history information which shows scanned tickets use for past events
  • Get customers access to their my account features for editing information
  • Allow tickets to be transferred to Passbook (iOS app)

Business Goals and User Needs - UX Diagram


While working through our white board and workshop exercises we uncovered a few challenges along the way:

  • We had 6 weeks to define, research/analyze and design the product
  • We had to determine who are all the individuals to work on this product (product manager, developers, etc.)
  • Due to time constraints we had to change direction and think of desiging for a mobile web experience instead of creating a native application
  • Through several iterations and testing methods can we hit this target on time

Challenges Diagram

Target Customers

While designing around context and rendering our initial designs for the MyTickets Mobile product we had to focus with customer personas in mind. Taking what research our team gathered from the MyTickets product in the past we quickly narrowed down our list of baseball fans who we believe would benefit from the product.

  • Paul Johnson Persona
    Paul Johnson

    "I want it all in the app! News, highlights, discounts and VIP specials. All Dodgers gear, stats and ticketing at my finger tips."

  • Sonia Sanchez

    "Just make an app where I can bring up my tickets fast and simple, maybe throw in some news feeds or discounts for merchandise."

  • Jennifer Liao Persona
    Jennifer Liao

    "All I want is to get access to my tickets. Please don't add a lot of fancy and complicated features thanks!"

  • Mark Weber Persona
    Mark Weber

    "Having easy access to my season tickets from my iphone is a hugh deal. Also if I can get any discounts while I am at the game would be sweet."


After considering the time contraints, limited resources and initial ideas of what features should go into the MyTickets Mobile product our team quickly sketched up some design ideas and low-level work flows. We defined what primary features should be included into the product and kept the application lean so hitting the target date could be achieved.

Hypothesis - Our thoughts going into the project

User Research Methods

Before diving into the design phase of our process, creating a UX roadmap of research methods was established to help gain information from our customers:

  • Bring up existing observation notes from our trip up at At&t Park - SF Giants Stadium
  • Conduct quick user interviews with two of our personas covering digital ticket needs
  • Illustrate some user scenarios and work flows to discover painpoints
  • Design the experience map of a customer's journey while using the product

User Research Methods

Research and Analysis

After gathering past research information during the development of the full featured MyTickets product and looking over user interviews notes, our team quickly discovered a need that we could place into the mobile product.

Ethnographic Fieldwork

During our visit up in San Francisco months prior to the MyTickets Mobile project, our product design team had the opportunity to spend an entire day at the Giants At&t Park. During our visit we met several key individuals who work with our ProVenue platform and had access to view box office activities during a live baseball game. At one point our director asked that we observe baseball fans outside of the stadium and write down notes covering any discoveries.

What we found were two problems most common amonst the crowds of people:

  1. The Will Call line was long and a pain for most people waiting to get tickets
  2. People waiting around for their friends and family to show up so they can exchange their paper tickets

After noticing these problems we noted down the observations and brought up the issues to our entire team. This discovery at the stadium during a live event helped introduce the ability to transfer and accept digital tickets to friends/family associated with a MyTickets account.

San Francisco Giants Stadium

User Interviews

In order to truly understand what people need for our MyTickets Mobile set of features I reached out to two of our personas and die-hard LA Dodgers fans Paul Johnson and Mark Weber. Both agreed towards meeting up and answering a series of questions regarding what they would love to see inside of a digital ticketing service over the phone. Here are some of the strong points where the two relate:

  • Both interviewers said DO NOT charge me any extra money to perform tasks in the app
  • Give me a way to send over tickets to my friends so I don't have to meet up or email them tickets
  • Discounts and more discounts, especially for Dodgers merchansise

Paul Johnson and Mark Weber Interviewers

Experience Mapping

After conducting the user interviews and coming back to the team with the feedback a painpoint was discovered that may truly affect the product. Business goals had stated that we must charge a fee in order to transfer tickets from one account to another.

By listening to our customers (and from hearing directly from our personas) I edited the experience map to show how emotions would be affected in the transfer task flow. Although the stakeholders knew this would be an issue, after reviewing the updated experience map and discussing with our research findings the payment fees were dropped out of the product.

Have a look at the experience map by clicking here

MyTickets Mobile Experience Map

Flow diagram, sketching, wireframes and the prototype

Once all requirements were settled and the research had been analyzied I started to sketch out the site mapping for MyTickets Mobile. After agreeing upon the flows and navigation for the product I went into sketching the structure and user scenarios. Getting these sketches into the hands of our customers during the iteration process was crucial. To avoid any big changes down in the process I conducted a few usability test using Silverback with Sonia Sanchez (one of our personas) and with 2 of our colleagues from accounting. After observing the testers, iterations were made to improve the flow for transferring tickets. The next step was creating the wireframes, followed by an interactive prototpye for additional testing. After all designs were complete, my work was handed off to development.

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