Product Designer
MyTickets Ticketing Service

MyTickets - Ticket managing product for Major League Baseball

MyTickets is the premiere ticketing management product for seasoned baseball fans who want the ability to manage all aspects of season tickets. For MyTickets subscribed account holders you can renew your season tickets, update personal account information, transfer game tickets to friends/family, receive targeted promotions straight to your account, resell tickets over the web and create split payment plans for season tickets as well.

My responsibility during the design phase of the process was to create a set of page layouts and pattern libraries for the MyTickets product. During the process I worked directly with business analysis and company directors to ensure that all requirements were not only render through the designs but also that the product layouts were intuitive and easy to understand visually. Setting the foundation with a good group of structured designs helped ensure the development team that the designs were ready for the implementation phase.

Project Gallery

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