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Indi Young - Practical Empathy
Mar 20

New Book - Practical Empathy by Indi Young

I just started reading Indi Young's new book for 2015 called Practical Empathy and believe that the information can really help improve your research when designing for a product. The book's focus is on understanding people and developing the skills to better gather/compare your customers thinking patterns so you can improve your design strategy. I highly recommend the book and be sure to follow Indi Young's Twitter account for the latest updates/speaking engagements.

For more information about Indi Young and her list of books be sure to check out the links below: website
Mar 16

Welcome to the new 2015

Hello and thanks for checking out the new website and first blog post for 2015. While I continue to redesign the website with several additional projects, please be sure to return back to this blog page for the latest upates. Also this section of the site will be hosting several articles related to design process, interaction and user experience developments that I find across the industry. If you have any comments or just like to connect for a new project feel free to send me an email with your information.

While I continue to expand this website, here are a few resources that you might find quite useful for design: